Earth Day!!!

Today is Earth Day! It is a day to celebrate the beautiful world God has given us and to take care of it the best way we can. God gave us this world and we should take care of it! What is your favorite thing about about the world we live in?

Take some time today to spend some time outside. Play, run, walk, bike, hike, sit, nap, swim, do yard work, etc. There are many options!

Here are some ways we can celebrate Earth Day together when it comes to taking care of our planet.

  • Pick up trash.
  • Get involved in wildlife conservation (donating money, volunteer, etc.)
  • Try to use things multiple times instead of just once/use reusable things.
  • Walk, run, bike, etc. instead of driving. If you have to drive, try to carpool.
  • Conserve your water usage.
  • Plant some trees.
  • Recycle.

To make this more fun for yourself, neighbors, kids, friends, etc., you could make some of these a competition. See who can take the quickest shower. Go to the beach or a park and see who can pick up the most trash (either individually or as a family or group).

Ask your kids what their favorite wild animals are and donate to a conservation fund that strives to help those animals.

Even if you are the only person reading this post or you are the only one who decides to take action on helping make our world a cleaner place, every little bit helps. Although I am no expert on the world we live in, I do know that together, we can help the world we live in.

Are you doing anything to celebrate Earth Day? If so, what are you doing?

Also, I wanted to re-blog this post on Tall Blonde Tales, but WordPress wasn’t letting me, so I will link it in this post instead.

Published by Heidi

Hello! My name is Heidi! Some of my hobbies include camping, gymnastics, animals, art, rock climbing, and blogging. Lately I have been interested in silks and am hoping to start learning this summer. I have an 8-year-old labradoodle named Silas and 2 2-year-old cats named Puffin and Smudge. You can learn more about me and my blog on my about page. Thanks for stopping by!

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