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National Compliment Day

January 24, 2021 Don’t be afraid to go all out on this one! National Compliment Day is a day meant for sharing kindness to others (and yes, you should still share that kindness every other day too). It could be a simple compliment or a super duper meaningful one. Make someone’s day today! You neverContinue reading “National Compliment Day”

National Hugging Day

January 21, 2021 So I know with COVID and all this one might be hard to celebrate, but we can still do it. You can still hug your family and pets. And if you are comfortable and they are comfortable, you might be able to hug some of your friends as well. Hugging is aContinue reading “National Hugging Day”

January Journal Spread 2021

As promised, here is my journal spread for January of 2021. I had a lot of fun making this journal spread. My theme was snow because its well, winter! And also it matched my calendar stickers. Ok, that’s it for this short post. If you enjoyed it please don’t forget to like, subscribe, and shareContinue reading “January Journal Spread 2021”

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